If there is one thing that seems to be all the rage for kids these days it is having something from a favorite movie or television show in their bedroom. This is where we are going this time, to the kids room rugs department of the local kid furniture store. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to buy furniture online when you need or want something? For some people this – buying online – is a wiser choice than actually going out to do so.

The first rug that we have here is the High School Musical-2 Hand-Hooked Rug. The White and Pink and Green color combination is designed after the movie of the same name. This rug, which measures 99 inches wide by 63 inches deep, is something that people have been looking for in kid furniture store rug departments lately. The fact that this is a handmade latch hook rug says a good deal about it. The bold colors really do stand out nicely. 

The Hannah Montana-3 Hand-Made Flannel Rug is sure delight any girl – or boy – who absolutely loves Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. This TV show and the movies that go along with it have been what kids of all ages –specifically the pre-teens – really love.  The Purple and Lavender that are used in the design of this rug are the same colors that seem to dominate the Hannah Montana set. You might want to look in the rugs section of your local kid furniture store for this one especially if you have a Hannah Montana fan in the house.

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