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Heroes and Heroines by Bhat Boy

Nuns and Mounties have populated Ottawa artist Bhat Boy’s canvases of late, but now they are joined by a slew of historical figures and current names in the news, set against all manner of whimsical backdrop. Anne Boleyn appears, both with and without her head, while astronaut Roberta Bondar appears to St. Marguerite Bourgeoys. And Margaret Atwood as St. George takes on the dragon in the form of Stephen Harper. Much of the action takes place in the sky, with familiar landmarks pointing the way.

Heroes and Heroines runs through December 1, 2013 at Orange Art Gallery in Ottawa. Historic Descent Restless St.

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How To Remove Dog Urine?

What you need is a product that will not only provide you immediate relief from the unpleasant smell, but that will effectively eliminate the odor and the stain from dog urine. You also want a product that will not damage your fabrics and is perfectly safe for use around your pets and family members.

D-Molish Now is available in Spring Fresh or Orange scents, either of which will do away with the offending odor immediately, but it doesn’t stop there: it goes a mile further! The enzymes within the formulation go to work—and keep working—digesting the source of the odor, which is just one reason we find D-Molish to be superior to most other products.

The other reasons?

  • It is non-acidic and non-alkaline. Solvent-free, this product can be used without damaging plumbing, tile, toilets or even septic systems.
  • It is non-staining. You c

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MOCOVOTE: Homage to the Imagination by Michele De Lucchi

There are several new additions to MOCOVOTE including this imaginary landscape with hills, mountains, lakes, valleys, gentle slopes made of Hi-Macs.

Girls’ Room: Acrylic Bookshelves & a Library Wall

We are all about books in this house. I grew up being read lots and lots of books, Liv LOVES to hear stories and to pull books down from her shelves to flip through and I hope that Taylor will be as keen on them one day as well. This weekend we installed an awesome library wall for the girls to display, organize and encourage book play and Im super happy with how it turned out.

And how about that acrylic? Oh it makes the design part of my brain happy.

Its really fun to see Liv take so much pride in arranging her books and choosing which to read before naps, bedtime and in between. Previously books were stacked on a bookshelf or in a basket next to our rocker, now titles (and front covers) are easily found and stored.

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The Value of Outdoor Covers

Does your birdbath or fountain look like an antique…but it’s not?

Have you replaced your bbq grill when it was less than 5 years old?

Are you regularly replacing your patio umbrella or plastic molded chairs?

If so, you are probably not protecting the investment you’ve made in order to enjoy your outdoor lifestyle, though it is actually not that expensive or difficult to do. A relatively small investment in a cover designed to protect your outdoor furniture and accessories will save you money, will keep your possessions looking newer for much longer, and will even contribute to a more ordered and neat looking exterior during the months when the weather ensures you’re spending more time indoors than out.

A barbecue grill can be a big investment. Even the smallest propane or charcoal grill can cost you most of a week’s salary.

And how do you dispose of those rusted, worn-out, broken-down grills? Do you ta

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