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The Ingredients of a Good Kitchen

People that are redesigning their kitchens for the first time may be surprised at the amount of decisions that they need to make in the process. It’s a large collection of smaller decisions that cannot exist in isolation. Homeowners will have to decide on the type of work surface, cabinets, appliances, and a large assortment of kitchen accessories, among other things in order to have an end result that meets their wishes. Coordinating all of these different components together is a huge task all by itself. LWK German Kitchens have plenty to offer homeowners who require a bespoke kitchen that meets their requirements and expectations. Read more…

Mountains by Alice Dufay Temporary Tattoo for Tattyoo

Tat for a day: Mountains by Alice Dufay Temporary Tattoo for Tattyoo usually lasts for a day on hands, 3-8 days elsewhere, depending on amount of sweat and rubbing, and is easily removed. Detail: Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, removable with baby oil, nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Designer: Alice Dufay is a French illustrator working in Caen, France. Read more…

Flower Seeds On Sale Now!

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Spring Flowers?

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Now is the ideal time to start thinking about what your yard will look like in the spring, BEFORE you are totally inundated with every blooming thing in every garden center in every store!

Just like Christmas shopping in October, all of the big box stores have started stocking their garden centers with actively blooming greenhouse-grown plants long before you should be planting them in the ground. A

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Sun Flower Lamp by Jiangmei Wu

Single-sheet Tyvek lighting: Sun Flower Lamp by Jiangmei Wu, the latest in the lighting series from Wu’s Folded Light Art, is flat packed, LED-illuminated, and wall-mountable, formed by folding a single sheet of Tyvek. From China, based in Indiana, Wu is trained and experienced in multiple disciplines , puts sustainability first, and is exploring the use of folding techniques and foldable materials at an architectural scale. Read more…

Why Serve Homemade Spreads?

Why should you serve homemade spreads instead of the standard fare? The answer’s simple: When you have homemade spreads on your table, every meal becomes a little more special.

If you have ever tasted store-bought apple butter, you may have found that it can fall quite short of the apple butter of your memory. Yes, we’re talking about the apple butter your grandma might have served on warm, homemade bread or biscuits. Thick and naturally sweet with just the right amount of cinnamon spice, it was a terrific treat, and all the more special because you knew that grandma had taken the time to make it herself. You

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